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Since 1985 F.W. RØRTEKNIK has designed, manufactured and erected steel tanks in nearly all sizes and for nearly all purposes according to the customers’ specifications and always in accordance with applicable legislation

We have built and erected tanks many places around the world, and therefore we have experience with constructing tank facilities for extreme weather and/or special geographical conditions.

Product programme

F.W. RØRTEKNIK offers a wide range of tank building and tank-related services for new construction and maintenance tasks.

We have more than 30 years of experience with all types of tanks and industrial facilities for, among other things, the energy and environmental industry, oil and raw materials storage, water supply, fishing and feed industries, biogas, and the chemical industry, etc.

There have been tasks carried out as partial, main and turnkey contracts. Foundation work, surface treatment, insulation and cladding, as well as pipe installation work has been integrated parts of the deliveries.

F.W. RØRTEKNIK has approximately 40 employees within planning, management, mounting and production of tank facilities in Denmark and abroad.

We also have approximately 4,000 m2 of factory and workshop area. In addition, we have an outdoor area of approximately 10.000 m2 for storage, including finished product storage.

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Storage tanks
F.W. Rørteknik manufactures all types of storage tanks from 100 m3 and above for a wide range of product types. Depending on the location, smaller tanks are manufactured in our own workshop or temporary construction sites and delivered on-site in fully operational condition.

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Heat storage tanks
F.W. Rørteknik manufactures tanks for heat accumulation with volumes larger than 100 m3 for district heating or for storage of industrial process heat. The tanks can be delivered both as pressureless or pressure-accumulating tanks.

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Stainless steel tanks
F.W. Rørteknik can manufacture stainless steel tanks in various qualities of steel for storing drinking water, foodstuff-approved products or acidic products. Depending on the destination and size, we can manufacture the tanks at our factory in Denmark or we can build them at the destination.

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Turnkey contracts/Tank facilities
F.W. Rørteknik can carry out turnkey contracts for terminals/tank terminals that are to handle a broad range of liquids. All tanks and tank terminals are produced based on our customers’ specifications and always in accordance with applicable legislation.

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We install worldwide

Since 1985, F.W. Rørteknik A/S has built more than 400 stationary tanks, of which more than 30 have been built abroad.

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