Renovation of existing tank terminals.


From time to time, existing tank terminals require maintenance in order to extend the lifetime of the tank. FW specialises in turnkey solutions, whether they have to do with repairs, modernisation, establishing new foundations, demolition, moving your tank terminals or other necessary renovation tasks in connection with your tank terminal.

Tank repairs
FW is glad to carry out repairs for a fixed price, for example, according to EEMUA 159, so the customer has a secure basis for budget management.

It may be, for example, for replacing roof constructions, tank bottoms, heating coils and tank equipment.

We can also offer repairs of surface treatments and cladding.

FW is happy to carry out tasks involving demolition of steel tanks. This also includes emptying and cleaning the tank before it is disposed of as scrap.

Foundation - re-creation
FW works with foundations as an integrated part of the tank delivery and has extensive experience in the area. We can carry out different types of creation of tank foundations and foundation constructions, depending of foundation conditions and tank types.

Membrane solutions
FW is happy to prepare proposals for the design of membranes under tank terminals, as well as membrane solutions under existing tanks. We can also establish leak detection systems for both new and existing tanks. Membrane solutions under tanks can also be offered under existing tanks.