The water industry demands professional suppliers

Dricking water tanks of stainless steel are the ideal solution for ensuring drinking water safety.  

At a new waterplants, it is an advantage if the pure water tank stands alone inside the waterworks building. This solution supports high drinking water safety and provides a number of concrete advantages compared to traditional water tanks of concrete underground.

Outdoor construction in connection with existing waterworks is also possible. The tanks can be delivered as a turnkey solution with a foundation, insulation and cladding, as well as instrumentation.

Renovation of existing, large concrete pure water tanks when constructing indoor stainless steel tanks taking stanchions into account can also be done. This ensures re-use of existing solutions.    

Our 30 years of manufacturing tanks make us able to think out of the box and provide specially designed solutions.  This also makes us able to both provide consulting and carry out the entire process from start to finish.

We can manufacture horizontal or vertical stainless tanks that are adjusted to what the individual customer needs and wants with regard to size and stainless steel material qualities. Smaller stainless steel tanks up to Ø 4.850 mm can be delivered finished from the factory, while large stationary tanks are manufactured as construction sets and the final mounting takes place on site. 

Sight glass and integrated lighting, as well as related user platforms, can be delivered as integrated parts of the project.

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