Industry is a major purchaser of storage tanks

F.W. manufactures a wide range of storage tanks of carbon or stainless steel qualities for storage of products within the energy and environmental industry, oil and raw materials storage, water supply, fishing and feed industries, biogas, process and chemical industry, etc.

We have over 30 years of experience worldwide and work with many different types of product tanks and industrial facilities. Thus, we have built up a broad industry knowledge and can provide consulting on selecting the solution that best fulfils your requirements.  

The sizes of the projects can vary from individual tanks to major tank terminal projects that take extreme weather and/or special geographical conditions into account.


On-site tanks are mounted using our specially produced jacking equipment. Depending on the location, smaller tanks are manufactured in our own workshop or temporary construction sites and delivered on-site in fully operational condition.

The tanks can be manufactured in compliance with relevant standards, such as Eurocode 3, EN 14015 and API 650, as well as local, specific standards and requirements.  

We are pleased to offer help with budgeting, optimisation of technical solutions or comparison of alternatives.

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