The energy sector uses steel tanks for energy storage.

Denmark will always be a pioneering country when it comes to district heating and related technical solutions.  From the beginning, FW has participated in delivering and developing thermal energy storage in steel tanks; that is, short-term storage in the form of heat. Today, this is used to a large extent in connection with power and heat production from biomass fuel, gas motors, solar panels, heat pumps, waste heat or a combination of a number of heat sources. We have also constructed accumulation tanks for storing process heat from industry for re-use or in combination with energy sources, delivery of heat produced in an environmentally friendly and better operationally financed manner.

  • Accumulation tanks serve the following purposes: 
  • Equalisation of the heat load. 
  • Ensuring greater production security.
  • Possibility to produce district heating at the time when it can best pay to do so or recycle process heat.
  • Repair boilers without operation interruptions. 

F.W. Rørteknik has manufactured more than 200 accumulation tanks for customers in Denmark and abroad. Accumulation tanks are manufactured from 100 m3 in size and are tailored to the what the individual customer needs and wants. The tanks can be delivered both as pressureless accumulation tanks and as pressure-accumulating tanks.

On-site tanks are mounted using our specially produced jacking equipment. Depending on the location, smaller tanks are manufactured in our own workshop or temporary construction sites and delivered on-site in fully operational condition.

FW can also offer turnkey solutions, comprehensive foundation work, insulation and cladding, cabling and instrumenting, as well as nitrogen facilities as an integrated part of the delivery.

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